Ryan Gander, I m trending, 2012


The Direct Art Collection is a young collection. It is born of the love of contemporary art, the direct enthusiasm of the collectors and their awareness that the collection is an ongoing one, with a marked emphasis on the future to come.

It's inception occurred in 2006-2007, special years for the founders, that led to the purchase of several portraits of the Dutch painter Philip Akkerman. With this first purchase one of the emphases of the collection became clear: a passion for the portrait. In this regard Akkerman is followed by portraits of Ida Applebroog, George Condo, Rineke Dijkstra, Kiki Lamers, Ryan Mosley and Robert Zandvliet.

The Direct Art Collection also houses paintings and sculptures of artists who can be connected to the 'Deutsche Schule'. Thomas Scheibitz and Dirk Skreber should be considered as important foundation stones of the collection.

The third focus of the collection is the focus on wall installations. An important installation was purchased in 2010, the beautiful and minimal piece 'Twenty possible missing components (Alchemy Box No. 20)' by the young conceptual artist Ryan Gander.

Given the range and quality of artists brought together so far, it came up to share these pieces of art with people who love contemporary art. On this website you will find the artists belonging to the collection, illustrations and concise texts that have the purpose to inform on the story narrated in the works, the artistic personality of its creator or other topics considered interesting.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the Direct Art Collection as much as we do.