On loan from the Direct Art Collection - Past

Akkermania, Philip Akkerman in De Kunsthal Rotterdam

Over twenty years Dutch painter Philip Akkerman investigates numerous aspects of painting by making self portraits. His work refers to several art styles from classical to modern. The Kunsthal Rotterdam shows a selection of Akkermans self portraits from eleven (inter)national private collections. The exhibition reveals how the collectors look at Akkerman's portraits. The exhibition will take place from April 9th till June 26th 2011.

Direct Art Collection is asked to show her collection of paintings and a wall installation.

On loan from the Direct Art Collection - Past

Portraits of Kiki Lamers in Centraal Museum Utrecht

Between 6 March and 22 August 2010, the Centraal Museum presents the exhibition Heads by Kiki Lamers. It has been over ten years since a retrospective of the work of artist Kiki Lamers was on display in a Dutch museum. At the beginning of this year Kiki Lamers was awarded the Jordaan-van Heek prize for Dutch painting. Besides the work of Lamers, the exhibition also features a selection of the works of Pyke Koch (1901-1991) from the museum's own collection. The Centraal Museum invites the audience to create connections between its own collection and the work of the artist invited. The exhibition Heads is a joint initiative of the Institut Néerlandais and the Centraal Museum.

Direct Art Collection, Girls head 3, 2009 and Untitled, 2009.

On loan from the Direct Art Collection - Past

Kiki Lamers in Institut Néerlandais Paris

In 2009 Kiki Lamers was granted the Jordaan-van Heek award. The foundation Jordaan-van Heek award aims to stimulate Dutch painting. The awards ceremony took place at the Institut Néerlandais in Paris. A selection of her paintings will be showed from November 19th till January 24th in the Institut.

Direct Art Collection, Girls head 3, 2009 and Untitled, 2009

On loan from the Direct Art Collection - Past

'The Knight's Tour', contemporary sculpture in De Hallen Haarlem

The Knight's Tour is an international group exhibition with sculptural work by six artists: Nina Canell (Sweden), Roger Hiorns (UK), David Jablonowski (Germany), Christina Mackie (UK), Navid Nuur (Netherlands) and Jennifer Tee (Netherlands). The exhibition takes place in the monumental Vleeshal. Roger Hiorns (nominated for the Turner Prize 2009) the sculptural gestures are likewise often ephemeral in nature, and transformational processes form the foundation for the aesthetic experience. Known for his automotive engines overgrown with azure copper sulphate crystals, in this exhibition Hiorns shows a new wall sculpture, as well as an 'invisible' intervention in the lighting of the Vleeshal.

Direct Art Collection, Roger Hiorns, Untitled, 2008.

On loan from the Direct Art Collection - Past

Skylines in the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam

The Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam will be presenting the Skyline exhibition by Carla Klein, Antoinetta Peeters and Esther Tielemans between January 20 and April 6, 2008. These three artists have in common the theme of painting contemporary (artificial) landscapes. The paintings by Carla Klein (1970) are grand and enigmatic. The works on show in this exhibition will depict the results of a trip that Klein made through the Salt Lake Desert in Utah.

Direct Art Collection, Carla Klein, Untitled, 2007