David Jablonowski
Copy (Chalk Cliff) II, 2010 | Plaster, offset printing plate, foil, tape

David Jablonowski's work has the grandeur of a monument, it reminds of stelae, columns, obelisks, and pyramids. At the same time they look like fragile assemblages of plaster, foam, metal of wood. Unspite the grandeur of ancient monuments, there is no symbolic relation between them and Jablonowski's work.
'Copy (Chalk Cliff) II' (2010) focuses on the contemporary struggle between copy and original. Is everything reproducible and what is the original? The aluminum offset plate is a reference to the reproducibility of objects. The title indicates that we are not dealing with an original, but with the "second copy" of a cliff. And is that cliff than a reflection of reality or is he pointing back to the work of Caspar David Friedrich's "Chalk Cliffs On Rügen"?

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