Roger Hiorns
Untitled, 2008, 2008 | Engine, steel, hardware, copper sulphate

Roger Hiorns is interested in the chemical processes by which objects are immersed in a copper sulfate solution.He uses this method to ‘crystallize’ car engines and scale models of cathedrals. Hiorns hung the Untitled work from 2008 – a BMW engine, which has a model of the Notre Dame cathedral underneath it – in a bowl containing a solution copper sulfate for several months, thereby transforming it into a sculpture with hundreds of bright blue crystal facets.The artist likes to leave his works of art over to their own fate at an early stage, which leads to surprising results for him.This work of art is about faith: faith in technology (the car) and faith in God (the church). The piling of the objects, the car engine above the church, refers to the disappearance of our faith in God; while on the other hand our faith in technology seems uncontested and ever-increasing.

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