Anya Gallaccio
Time is our choice of how to love and why (russet), 2004 | Cast bronze, ceramic

Anya Gallaccio plays with the separation between nature and culture. She takes nature into the museum, such as in the work entitled Beat (2002) in Tate Britain, where she placed seven 220-year-old oak trees in between the paintings. A lot of her work also decays over time. She often works with natural materials, such as sugar, flowers, fruit and trees. Her sculptures are living works of art that demonstrate the natural processes of growth and decay, and at the same time they are also slow performances. Besides ephemeral work, Gallaccio also does work for ‘eternity’, such as the 2004 work entitled ‘Time is our choice of how to love and why (russet)’. This work of art was given another special title which in this case was chosen from a poem written by the English-American poet and essayist W.A. Auden. Gallaccio often chooses her titles in response to poems of song lyrics. This tree is made from bronze, using a cast take from a dead apple tree. The apples hanging from the tree are ceramic. The title of this work also refers to the skin or shine of an apple. ‘Russeting’ on apples is a particular type of skin, slightly rough, usually with a greenish-brown to yellowish-brown color.

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