Meiro Koizumi
Study of Spiritualization 2, 2013 | charcoal drawings on paper

Meiro Koizumi (1976) is a video and performance artist. In his videos he examines the psychological complexities that come with the concept of individual guilt, usually determined by social structures and behavioural patterns. His films are deeply rooted in the Japanese social and cultural tradition. Drawing is a very important aspect of his art. Many ideas for his videos arise when he makes idea drawings. This drawing, Study of Spiritualization 2, was made during a performance. In this performanes Koizumi uses parts of a film directed the by Yasujiro Ozu, who always worked with the famous Japanese actrice Setsuko Hara. After Ozu's early death in 1963 and Hara's sudden decision - at age of 42 - to stop-on-acting the same year, many people continued to speculate over her romentic involvement with the famous filmdirector. In this drawing you see Hara. It is clear that Koizumi aimes to capture explicit emotions.

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