Carlos Amorales
Broken Animal 01, 2005 | Digital drawing on photograph

Carlos Amorales is a versatile artist of Mexican descent. He paints and draws, in addition to making sculptures, video animations and performances. This artist works with a digital image archive that he has been filling with images created by him since 1998. These images are required to be as clear and simple as possible. The archive includes numerous ‘drawings’ of butterflies, birds, spiders, trees, wolves and airplanes, as well as black (and red) figures that are constantly assuming another shape or posture. Moreover, the drawings are always black, which allows Amorales to keep the image archive as manageable as possible and easily combine his drawings. The ‘Broken Animal’ series from 2006 depicts the manner in which this artist sets about his work. The series comprises seven different digital drawings depicting a human figure combined with a wolf’s head. The first drawing also depicts a man standing upright. However, in the seventh drawing this has been transformed into a snarling animal figure on its hands and knees with a wolf’s head. Due to their clarity, the images are both straightforward and, at the same time, difficult to penetrate.

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