Matthias Weischer
Untitled, 2007 | Watercolor on paper

Matthias Weischer constructs interiors, first by using photographs, later by constructing them as his own theatre or film set. The paintings are large and the interiors are not nice and neat, but with an excess of objects and a variety of perspectives. After having worked in Rome for one year, with a grant from the Deutschen Akademie Rome Villa Massimo (2007), his method and style changed dramatically within a few years. The large works changed into smaller ones, which look less constructed and have more freedom in  them. The is no excess of objects and more often his paintings and drawings treat both interior and exterior. Sometimes they look like weathered wall paintings of antiquity, as is clear with this watercolor 'Untitled 2007'. In this painting it is again not clear whether we are inside or outside.
The objects in this drawing are covered, the covers have a beautiful painted texture. But apart from the covers it is not clear what we are looking at. Even the objects on the far right, leaves or fruit, can be freely interpreted. The standing object is lit by a low light source, the top of the shadow on the wall is almost as high as the object itself. The covered object on the floor strangely enough doesn't cast a shadow at all. As he always has done, Matthias Weischer paints and draws a surrealistic illusions.

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