Anton Henning
Stilleben mit Fruchten No. 6 , 2003 | Oil on canvas

Anton Henning's works are on most occasions works of art that play with the art historical and cultural rules regarding good taste and style. Henning uses guirland-like structures and lines that cover his subjects.  Sometimes even, his subjects are absent, like in one of his "Blumenstilleben" in which most of the image is dedicated to cars and buildings, beside some swirling, tree-like structures. He also frequently repaint's icons of great art historical value, but again in his style, abstract and figurative at the same time, and with his notion of taste.
Stilleben mit Fruchten No. 6, is such a work in Henning style. It lacks the swirling lines, but it subtly satirizes the art historical phenomenon of the still-live that we are used to. Most part of the painting is taken in by a big letter M, probably painted on a wall. Before the wall is a table with a table cloth on it. On the table are four apples. The fruit covers only a minor part of painting and lack's the exuberance of most other still lives.

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