Eberhard Havekost
Untitled, 1997 | Acrylic on canvas

Eberhard Havekost is one of the most innovative surveyors of figuration in contemporary painting. A Havekost painting begins with a photograph, either one taken by the artist or an image that he has sourced from the media. Using a computer, Havekost might crop, stretch, skew or tweak the colors of the picture, or leave it almost untouched before making an inkjet print that he uses as the direct source material for the final painting. The point of departure for his paintings is an emotional quality or a factuality.
In 'Untitled'(1997) the sleeping person is painted in big close-up, in an out-of-focus color haze. It makes both the person and the setting unrecognizable. Havekost is painting an atmosphere and leaves the interpretation of 'what kind of atmosphere' he paints, quietness or menace, to the viewer. The photograph he started with is only the source, the face is only the carrier of paint.

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