Ilse Haider
LOU A. SALOME, 2004 | Silverprint auf holz und Peddigrohr

Ilse Haider gives photography a new dimension, she sculptures the photograph. The support materials for the photoghraph are no longer paper, but ceramics, wood, wicker and cotton buds. This makes her work transcend the traditional pictorial surface and end up in three-dimensional space. The viewer is confronted with a fragmented work of art and has to re-create the image. That re-creating aspect also stems from the treatment of the subject matter of Haiders work. There is always a confusion of the male and female streotypical images, macho and beauty are alwauys questioned and deconstructed in her work.
'LOU A. SALOME (2004)' is such a work in the oeuvre of Haider. On the image plane there is a photograph (silverprint) of the Russian born (1861) psychoanalist and author Lou Andreas-Salomé (Louise von Salomé). On the material plane there is the
sculpture-like wickerwork with wood and wicker.

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