Robert Suermondt
Diaz, 1999 | Oil on canvas

Robert Suermondt is a Swiss artist who has been working in Brussels for many years now. He also spent two years working at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. He grew up in his home town of Geneva, together with his Dutch father and Slovenian mother. The influences of these three nationalities have had an impact on his work, at least on his current body of work, which involves hyper-realistic paintings in which he tackles the mass of images that he finds on the street or in magazines and newspapers. The paintings exhibit bright colors and vibrant borders; there are white outlines and faces have been omitted; they contain cracks and white openings so that the overall picture seems to be falling apart. In contrast, the painting entitled ‘Diaz’ from 1999 exhibits an entirely different dynamic. It is an atmospheric painting in which the (illusion of) space has been constructed in a much more traditional manner. To the left of the foreground of the painting, a tree is protruding into the air and the artist piles one building after another behind this. However, it is still difficult to identify clear contours. The forms that we see are enveloped in a certain kind of vagueness. As a result, the painting could be called more romantic than (hyper-)realistic.

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