Dirk Skreber
Untitled, 1986 | Oil on canvas

The paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures by Dirk Skreber make viewers contemplate matters that they would rather not think about. The recurring motifs in his work include car accidents, flooding and burning houses. This painting depicts a landscape with high flat buildings. At first glance, it seems as if perhaps there is nothing going on. Skreber uses a bird's-eye-view to direct our gaze downwards and it becomes apparent that the flats are situated on swampy foundations. The painted scene does not provide any absolute certainty about what exactly happened. What height does the water reach? Nor do the two red roofs on the right-hand-side of the foreground provide any definitive conclusion about the situation. This gives rise to a feeling of unease. Moreover, it is notable that no people have been depicted, and this detail also contributes to the idea that the painting might be about a disaster.

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