Thomas Scheibitz
TZZZ (Nr.44), 2007 | Ol auf Leinwand

Thomas Scheibitz is one of the representatives of the Dresdener Schule (‘Dresden School’). Those artists who can be attributed to this Schule set about their work by selecting their motifs and cropped images in a methodical fashion. As a result, the works exhibit a largely consistent shape, and the pictures are created in a calculated fashion.  The painting entitled ‘TZZZ (No. 444’) from 2007 was created from well-defined elements. The artist carefully offset each image element against the next one and if you look at the painting from a distance, the various parts form one whole. What is striking about this is that the paint on both the lower left-hand-side of the painting and the grey triangular plane that comes out on the red ‘stripe’ above has been applied diffusely, as opposed to ‘sharply’. Scheibitz does so to nuance his quite linear approach. These kinds of contrast in the painting, as well as the round-versus-square and thick-versus-thin motifs, add tension and ensure that the composition stands like a house.

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