David Maljkovic
Retired Form, 2009 | Oil and collage on canvas board

David Maljkovic researches the contemporary significance of forgotten monuments, cultures and ideologies and how these change from one era to the next. The five 'Retired Form' paintings comprise a series of works that are part of a larger project which the artist called 'Retired Compositions'. This work involves a public monument in Zagreb that was designed by Vojin Bakic, who was an important artist in Croatia during the nineteen-fifties. The monument is situated in the Dotrscina Memorial Park, and it commemorates those victims of the Second World War who came from Zagreb. Vojin Bakic is known as a modernist who broke with the tradition of social realism. He paved the way for abstraction and artistic freedom. Nonetheless, he is also known as a 'State Artist' who portrayed the socialist body of thought. This status does not change the fact that during the nineties, his monument in Zagreb fell into serious decay and even ruin as a result of the domestic wares.

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