Dan McCarthy
Hermosa Beach, 2009 | Oil on canvas

This work by Dan McCarthy is one of his many beach portraits. The titles of these paintings refer to life by the beach or life at sea, for example 'Lucky', which depicts a girl with an enormous fish that has just been caught, or 'Free Diver', which depicts a young girl in a strange pose wearing underwater goggles. Dan McCarthy, who is originally from California, likes to paint these kinds of light and sunny portraits, even full-length portraits of young women and girls in bikinis at the flood mark. At least you, the viewer, will imagine such a flood mark yourself.  Often the background of the painting is formed by a grid(-gate) work constructed from flowing lines. This characteristic grid gate can also be seen in the ‘Hermosa Beach’ painting from 2009. It is comprised of soft red tints running into tints of orange, yellow, green and blue.  The rest of the colors in the painting are also clear, light and happy, which suits the child-like poses that McCarthy’s figures assume.

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