Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing #1024, 2002 | Black pencil

The sixties were the era of minimal art and concept art. The surge of minimal art is often attributed to Sol LeWitt and other artists, such as Andre, Frank Stella and Donald Judd. This is due to his open, geometric sculptures that contain innumerable repetitions. However, Sol LeWitt is probably another important representative of concept art, given his extensive succession of ‘concepts’ for murals. According to LeWitt, the concept in the form of the drawing of an object or a short summary constituted an artistic act, and therefore it was also saleable. The actual realization could be performed by others. Wall Drawing # 1024 consists of 'Ten thousand straight and not-straight lines. Within a 6 ft. (180 cm) square, ten thousand straight lines drawn with pencil at random. Within a circle 6 ft. (180 cm) in diameter, ten thousand not straight lines drawn with pencil at random'. According to the accompanying certificate, Wall Drawing #1024 was installed on one previous occasion, for the duration of the exhibition held at the Philip Alan Gallery in New York.

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