Kiki Lamers
Remus having fun, 2002 | oil on paper

Kiki Lamers has been painting child portraits since the nineties. These are mainly portraits of her own children and her friends’ children. She follows these children through the years and you can see them grow, as it were, in her paintings. It starts off with her making photos of the children playing in her studio. Then the photographs are projected onto canvasses in large format, after which point the artist translates them into paintings. 'Remus having fun' from 2002 depicts a naked young boy seen from behind. Although we can only see his face and profile – and even these are in the shadow – his entire posture radiates pleasure. In this work the artist devoted less attention to detailed facial expressions, instead placing the focus primarily on the child’s posture. The tangibility of the skin is also important in this work. The boy is portrayed on paper using beautiful, soft (skin-colored) tints and subtile shading.

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