Carla Klein
Untitled, 1998 | Oil on canvas

Carla Klein’s work focuses on depicting contemporary landscapes. In 2007 the artist made a journey through Texas, taking photographs from her moving car that she later used in the 'road trip landscapes' series. This series depicts the endless and empty landscape of the desert, as well as the empty highway on which the journey has proceeded. The paintings record details such as the car’s rear-view mirror, road signs along the way or insects squashed against the windscreen. It is precisely these elements that the artist uses to evoke the feeling of being on the road.  Travel is a key theme her work. Prior to this she focused on capturing airports and their ultra-modern terminals and endless escalators. This painting from 1998 depicts a typical airport waiting room, with big windows all the way to the floor that look out on the takeoff and landing runways. This painting exudes that perceptible sense of being on the road.

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