Martin Kippenberger
Untitled, 1979 | Oil on canvas

The versatile and unruly body of work from Martin Kippenberger brought him a lot of fame in the eighties, and Kippenberger is often seen as a representative of the cynical art from the eighties and nineties. He created environments and installations that rarely involve individual works. As far as he was concerned, art also meant making exhibitions that one could visit and in which visitors would quickly sense that the artist enjoyed poking fun at the world of art and paintings. Take, for example, the painting by Gerhard Richter, which he used as a coffee table. Nonetheless, he also made paintings such as this enigmatic work from 1979 which contained the text ‘In N.Y. giebt er viele hoch hauser, wo die arm meisen auf die mitagspause warten’.

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